Fourth Monthly Post – Elijah, Cluedo, and I Spy Baby Dragons

Monthly Post!

First and happily the release of the final, complete, and hopefully bug free I Spy Baby Dragons! It is a mysterious and difficult point-and-click I Spy adventure. Bring your sword! I will be adding a trailer and walkthrough for it soon.

I Spy Baby Dragons

An Unexpected Party

The memorization games have been delayed in entering Beta stage, though they are very close, and two other seasonal projects have reached completion instead! The first is a Party Cluedo game that was made in celebration of my brother Josiah’s twentieth birthday.

Invitations are sent out, and all come as detectives or one of the eight Suspects.

In the shared DropBox folder are all the cards, instructions, backstories, and the pieces to put together the invitations you will need, in PDF and ODT file format which you can download.

The icons were drawn by my brother Nathaniel, and a lot of us worked on the backstories.

I hope this comes in handy some festively mysterious day!

Party Cluedo

Party Cluedo

Elijah and Elisha

Last and not the least, a three minute audio drama of the passing of the spirit of Elijah to Elisha, the fiery chariot, the whirlwind, and the parting of Jordan.

It was made by me and my brother Nathaniel, and he drew the Picture for it. We used sound effects from mainly, a very good resource. This was a shorter project, but turned out better than we expected!

Taking Up the Mantle

We will be going up to the Creation Conference in Athlone soon, and I am hoping to give a copy of my book Jorgan the Sphere to Ken Ham!

God be with you all!

– Patrick

Seventh Collection of Seven Dailies

Another collection of seven dailies from the Facebook Page!

Hope and Patience

An unborn bird lies crumpled and curled,
A-dreaming of the world.

Round it, for castle-wall, a shell
Is guarding it well.

Hope is the bird with its dim sensations;
The shell that keeps it alive is Patience.

– George MacDonald


Welcome to our home,
Soft, passing sea foam.
Dust breathed in God’s Breath
Which leaves it in Death,
And rightly are we
Likened to the Sea.

– Patrick Lauser


Nightly cry the beasts
Close your doors before your eyes
Sleep through the huntings.

– Patrick Lauser


Light is sown for the righteous, and gladness for the upright in heart.

– Psalm 97:11


Leaves are coming down:
They come to meet the dark brown,
And show it colours.

– Patrick Lauser


If you dread the passing of time,
you will pass your time in dread.

– Patrick Lauser


We feel Thy calm at evening’s hour,
Thy grandeur in the march of night,
And when the morning breaks in power,
We hear Thy word, “Let there be light.”

– Samuel Longfellow

God be with you all!

– Patrick

A view of our morning.

A view of our morning

HANGMEN Cartoon Strip – Enter a Dexter

HANGMENWah! The cartoon is gone!

This is Dexter! He is always drawn with my left hand.

Using the left hand exercises the artistic part of your brain, but is also an interesting and fun challenge in and of itself (if you are right-handed). At first I was going to do a human character with my left hand, but a bird has turned out far better than any of the ideas I had. Incidentally, Dexter means “right-handed”, and has the same root as “dexterous”.

The rest of my growing collection of HANGMEN strips is here.

Till we meet again, God be with you all!

– Patrick

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Sixth Collection of Seven Dailies

Another collection of seven dailies from the Facebook Page!

Rise with the rosy light, right your way,
Clothe yourself in craft and fiercely cry;
The world, the watching, the ways of them,
Nay, the never-ending sound of night;
They force offense on the friends of law:
The crooked colour of the high cloud
Shall judge their injustice with fell joy.

– Patrick Lauser


It should never be “Quantity versus Quality”: they must work together.

Quality can hardly exist without quantity, and quantity without quality is useless.

– Patrick Lauser


“You come of the Lord Adam and the Lady Eve, and that is both honor enough to erect the head of the poorest beggar, and shame enough to bow the shoulders of the greatest emperor on earth.
Be content.”

– Aslan in Prince Caspian by C. S. Lewis


“Now are the clouds like fiery shrouds; the sun, superbly large,

Slow as an oak to a woodsman’s stroke, sinks flaming at their marge;”

– From The Ballad of the Boat by Richard Garnett


The Moment Thought

A hand
On the shoulder
Laid in purposeful rest
Says a word in silent fullness
And peace.

– Patrick Lauser


There are two things you will never get used to:

Heaven, and Hell.

– Patrick Lauser


A Wind in the Heart
Breathes a token of Fear,
Darkness builds his Art
And lays foundations here.
While hopeless in strife
He has wounded me sore,
In the Light of Life
There is opened a Door.

– Patrick Lauser

Till another week, God be with you all!

– Patrick

Fifth Collection of Seven Dailies – Milne, Victor Hugo

Another collection of seven dailies from the Facebook Page!

“He and the Forest, alone together-
The springs that come and the summers that go,
Autumn dew on bracken and heather,
The drip of the Forest beneath the snow….
All the things they have seen,
All the things they have heard:
An April sky swept clean and the song of a bird…
Oh, the charcoal-burner has tales to tell!
And he lives in the Forest and knows us well.”

– From The Charcoal-Burner in Now We Are Six by A. A. Milne


When he saw the carousel, he asked why they had stabbed the horses.

– From some of Patrick Lauser’s old notes


“Great grief is a divine and terrible radiance which transfigures the wretched. At that moment Fantine had again become beautiful. At certain instants she stopped and tenderly kissed the policeman’s coat. She would have softened a heart of granite; but you cannot soften a heart of wood.
“Come,” said Javert, “I have heard you. Haven’t you got through? March off at once! you have your six months! the Eternal Father in person could do nothing for you.”

– From Les Miserables by Victor Hugo


” “Pardon, Monsieur Mayor-”
This word, Monsieur Mayor, had a strange effect upon Fantine. She sprang to her feet at once like a spectre rising from the ground, pushed back the soldiers with her arms, walked straight to Monsieur Madeleine before they could stop her, and gazing at him fixedly, with a wild look, she exclaimed:
“Ah! it is you then who are Monsieur Mayor!”
Then she burst out laughing and spit in his face.
Monsieur Madeleine wiped his face and said:
“Inspector Javert. set this woman at liberty.”

– From Les Miserables by Victor Hugo


To insult oneself is not the opposite of boasting, any more than insulting someone else is the opposite of flattering them.

– Patrick Lauser


“Are you quite yourself sir?”
“No I’m not, thank God, nor will I ever be again.”

– Focus on The Family Radio Theatre adaptation of A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens


Midday sunlight falls
Sunset and sunrise sideways
Never fall, but shine

– Patrick Lauser

Until next week, God be with you!

– Patrick

HANGMEN – Enter the Sergeant-Guards!


Wah! The Picture is gone! That was irreplaceable...

A HANGMEN cartoon strip! In this one I add some scenery. And I introduce one of my favorite characters: the Sergeant-Guards! They are more recent, and I had much fun developing them.

I am experimenting with a new form of the Title, and I certainly like it more than the block letter one I began with. I did not like that one so much, but I find this one intriguing, though needing some refining.

Till our next meeting! God be with all!

– Patrick

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Fourth Collection of Seven Dailies

Another collection of seven dailies from the Facebook Page!

Let eyes be opened in this world, truth taught by truth, and the thoughts of many generations weighed in the balances that are dusty and unused.

 РPatrick Lauser


Who hath wrought and done it, calling the generations from the beginning? I the LORD, the first, and with the last; I am he.

Isaiah 41:4


At the Temple of Truth in the glory of your Name I will worship the King of Peace.

– Patrick Lauser


“How can such a very little creature as you grant or refuse anything?”

“Is that all the philosophy you have gained in one-and-twenty years?”

– From Phantastes by George MacDonald


Enlarge my Steps

A Star,
A King enthroned,
A Light in glory raised;
A glint, a song, its pureness praised,
And lost.

– Patrick Lauser


I have made the earth, and created man upon it: I, even my hands, have stretched out the heavens, and all their host have I commanded.

Isaiah 45:12


“The children huddled close together on each side of Puddleglum. They had thought him a wet blanket while they were still above ground, but down here he seemed the only comforting thing they had.”

– From The Silver Chair: Travels Without The Sun, by C. S. Lewis

Till next week, God be with you!

– Patrick

Andrew Fearus vs. Harshade – The Fight

Here is the initial post from the Facebook Page introducing Andrew Fearus and Harshade:

Trying something: an Arena.
I introduce two characters, and you choose which of them will win a sporting contest of power.
The setting is the universe of the Portal, on the Front, more description of which will be revealed in the Arena and hopefully elsewhere as well. Next week the votes will be tallied and the battle described.

Andrew Fearus

A wide hand and wide brow, grim mouth and unexpected force of power. Few have met any of his family, but have heard much of his honor in their name of “Fearus”. His hair and clothes are dark and rather ragged when studying or fighting and not socializing.
He is shown in the image summoning a defense of tortoise shell.
– Imagined and depicted by Patrick Lauser


A thing of night shadow, though friendly and humorous. His physical body consists of a smoke-like darkness, and he has a casual command of obscure powers. He is a first generation visitant of the Front. His preferred summoning is a claw gauntlet and helmet of hard and silent aerial crustacean shell into which he flows like the tide into a coastal cave.
He is shown shattering a sorcerer’s blade on his gauntlet.
– Imagined and depicted by Nathaniel Lauser

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New HANGMEN Cartoon Strip

A new cartoon strip from HANGMEN! This is actually the first idea I thought of for the strip. Hangman, the titular character, is not even just a single character, but more like a symbol. Appropriate for a titular character, no?


This was a funny one... Oh well!

Aesthetically speaking, I want to draw my own boxes. But if that detracts from the appearance I can change how I draw them, or find another way.

I am looking for ways to optimize the image display of these strips: any suggestions would be helpful! The main trouble I am having is getting a clean white background without the lines either pixelating or blurring.

See you all next week! God be with you!

– Patrick

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