HANGMEN – Watch Your Mouth!

HANGMENHANGMEN cartoon, hangman is very naughty

I have often wondered about people who have names (especially last names like Hitler) that have become synonymous with evil, or synonymous with good, like Teresa. Hitler was actually a last name of many Jews, and most had to change their name because of such things as I illustrate in this little strip.

Just think about where names come from. Generally all names have been possessed by thousands of innocents and saints before a Benedict or Jezebel comes along who is famously evil.

Happy thinking!

– Patrick

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HANGMEN – Enter a Hole with Spikes

HANGMENHANGMEN - this was a good one, but painful!

It is true there are things that are better not to know, and things that certain people should not know for certain reasons, but of course it is always nicer when you can and do know, no?

The next strip will introduce another character! A rather large one too (at least compared to a worm).

Take care (I hope you will)! God be with you!

– Patrick

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HANGMEN Cartoon Strip – Enter a Cage


You didn’t know that was a cage? Well, to be frank, neither did I. And yes, Dexter’s words are also written with the left hand.

I am glad I was able to get this up before we left for the Athlone Creation Conference. My brother also wants to give a copy of his coloring book for adults, Unexpected Interior, to Ken Ham. He finished the second edition and ordered it with fast delivery, and it was late. It was quite clearly only because of answered prayer that it got here in time at all!

See you all next week! God be with you!

– Patrick

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HANGMEN Cartoon Strip – Enter a Dexter

HANGMENWah! The cartoon is gone!

This is Dexter! He is always drawn with my left hand.

Using the left hand exercises the artistic part of your brain, but is also an interesting and fun challenge in and of itself (if you are right-handed). At first I was going to do a human character with my left hand, but a bird has turned out far better than any of the ideas I had. Incidentally, Dexter means “right-handed”, and has the same root as “dexterous”.

The rest of my growing collection of HANGMEN strips is here.

Till we meet again, God be with you all!

– Patrick

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HANGMEN – Enter the Sergeant-Guards!


Wah! The Picture is gone! That was irreplaceable...

A HANGMEN cartoon strip! In this one I add some scenery. And I introduce one of my favorite characters: the Sergeant-Guards! They are more recent, and I had much fun developing them.

I am experimenting with a new form of the Title, and I certainly like it more than the block letter one I began with. I did not like that one so much, but I find this one intriguing, though needing some refining.

Till our next meeting! God be with all!

– Patrick

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New HANGMEN Cartoon Strip

A new cartoon strip from HANGMEN! This is actually the first idea I thought of for the strip. Hangman, the titular character, is not even just a single character, but more like a symbol. Appropriate for a titular character, no?


This was a funny one... Oh well!

Aesthetically speaking, I want to draw my own boxes. But if that detracts from the appearance I can change how I draw them, or find another way.

I am looking for ways to optimize the image display of these strips: any suggestions would be helpful! The main trouble I am having is getting a clean white background without the lines either pixelating or blurring.

See you all next week! God be with you!

– Patrick

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