Fourth Monthly Post – Elijah, Cluedo, and I Spy Baby Dragons

Monthly Post!

First and happily the release of the final, complete, and hopefully bug free I Spy Baby Dragons! It is a mysterious and difficult point-and-click I Spy adventure. Bring your sword! I will be adding a trailer and walkthrough for it soon.

I Spy Baby Dragons

An Unexpected Party

The memorization games have been delayed in entering Beta stage, though they are very close, and two other seasonal projects have reached completion instead! The first is a Party Cluedo game that was made in celebration of my brother Josiah’s twentieth birthday.

Invitations are sent out, and all come as detectives or one of the eight Suspects.

In the shared DropBox folder are all the cards, instructions, backstories, and the pieces to put together the invitations you will need, in PDF and ODT file format which you can download.

The icons were drawn by my brother Nathaniel, and a lot of us worked on the backstories.

I hope this comes in handy some festively mysterious day!

Party Cluedo

Party Cluedo

Elijah and Elisha

Last and not the least, a three minute audio drama of the passing of the spirit of Elijah to Elisha, the fiery chariot, the whirlwind, and the parting of Jordan.

It was made by me and my brother Nathaniel, and he drew the Picture for it. We used sound effects from mainly, a very good resource. This was a shorter project, but turned out better than we expected!

Taking Up the Mantle

We will be going up to the Creation Conference in Athlone soon, and I am hoping to give a copy of my book Jorgan the Sphere to Ken Ham!

God be with you all!

– Patrick

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