DailyCreatedOOM #WrittenOOM #EssenceMap 2023/12/05


Deep: 1.37%-3.08%
‘sifted surface listen listen’
‘dry bubble space, spaces another pressed a meagre spreading sphere cluster’
Grain: FE-grey-gry
‘gleaning hollows of powdery sprigs’ – ‘slow-motion thrashing in threshing’

Deep: 56%
‘unknown dark long threading through the medium’
‘dying avocado’
Anagram: oil
Grain: FO-grow-grw
‘combed medusa corpse ineffective’
Deep: 4.3%-77.001%-2.00%
‘Silver Trombone’
Juxtaposition: /\/
Grain: FOO-groww-gww
‘cunning key fan’
Deep: 55.4%-56.9$
Grain: FD-delta-dlt
‘if all the bereft’

Deep: 6.06%
‘dove-tailed duck feet 8-inch boots deep in dry’

#DailyCreatedOOM #WrittenOOM #EssenceMap 2023/12/05

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