Eighth Monthly Post – Out of The Forest!

The first of the Memorization Games is out of beta! Can you survive in the Forest without a Spellchecker?

Out of The Forest
An enchanted bit of forest, colored lights in dark trees, with the words: My Grief is covered in the Ground out of Sight,
As the Thunderclap forms the crooked Fulgurite.

You will need to memorize short, mainly two-line verses (like the one in the picture) to get past the monsters and other troubles. If you do not type it in correctly (Capitalization is important) then the monster will chase you all the way back, or off the path.

Click on the frog to escape a pursuing monster, and to learn your “Songlets”. Your progress will be saved there too.

Into The Forest

The second of the two Memorization Games will hopefully need little development before it is also finished.

A statue of a woman weeping by a doorway in sepia

It will have a browner tone, and the goal will be to recover a Precious Thing stolen from you by a…

After both these games are finished, I will release my first Twine Adventure, a text only exploratory game called Gri Leven. When I first “finished” it there was a branch I had left incomplete, which is nearly done now.

God be with you all!

— Patrick

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