Seventh Monthly Post – First Monthly Post of the New Year!

We started this last year by the grace of God, and here are some things that came about!

Though somewhat uncouth in name this has proved a very useful place for interactive art (or “games” if you wish). I have four there now, though the main ones are still in need of some play-testing and editing. I have four more (two new, two old) that are only in need of finishing, though only one of the old ones can really be worked on with our main computer currently broken.

Auldhame is of course the main adventure there:


Here is all the poetry I posted last year! Of them all I believe my favorite is:

Enlarge My Steps

A Star,
A King enthroned,
A Light in glory raised;
A glint, a song, its pureness praised,
And lost.


Here are the main five stories I posted:

A Heart and the Spirits
The Watchman and the Word
A Virgin for the Elves
Andrew vs. Harshade
Folis and Ailura

God be with you all this year!

— Patrick

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