Second Seven Dailies Collection

The Second Collection of seven dailies from the Facebook page!

Keep the hand comely
In bloom as the flower, but
Hard in work as wood.

– Patrick Lauser



The “angel” in the word “evangelize”
(ev – angel – ize) is from the same root as the word “angel”.

The word “angel” is from the Greek word for “messenger”, the word “evangelize” comes from the Greek word for “good message”: the gospel.


I posted as a daily a gif from my now finished project, a 3D Twine Adventure called VValkabout.

You can try the adventure right away,

Or read a few words about how to do it, and also get a simple walkthrough if you want:



In Us

In the summer I am light,
In winter I am the snow.
In your heart I am your might,
In my soul are seeds to sow.
In my hand is living thought,
In the ways ill ways to bar.
In times now and past am sought
Where the wise and willing are.

– Patrick Lauser


God is Love, Love is not God.

– Patrick Lauser, after A. W. Tozer


The feet of the child
Or the childlike man, falter
But always are clean.

– Patrick Lauser


One Body

A will
To do the thing
That opens all the mind
Can only open all the heart
As well.

– Patrick Lauser

God be with you all!


Wah! My picture!