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In the days that followed the screaming did not cease – rather, it changed from the animal uproar to human wails and cries, and continued unabated. Something must have gone wrong. After nearly a day and a half of this, Gibbsen went to investigate on his own.

The new human was still in the containment cage, though the restraining arms had been dismissed. She was still in the coarse gluckast garment. Though seemingly strong enough to stand, she crawled on the ground, distraught, grinding her teeth and weeping violently. The food offered her had been eaten, but clearly in a wild manner, which left much of it spattered and smeared like a wolf’s kill.

Dr. Kilver and Nurse Kley, who had apparently just witnessed such a scene to give the patient dinner, were discussing in undertones what to do.

“…Tranquilliser would work,” the nurse was saying, “now that she is a human?”

“It is detrimental in any case,” the doctor replied, “and a full examination seems invasive when we can see quite well that bodily she becomes healthier by the hour.”

It was quite obvious to Gibbsen that the woman’s pain was emotional. Humans ought to be more perceptive in such things. The doctor went on,

“I hate for their meeting to be this way for Moses, but by now it seems he is our only hope to possibly get a word out of her about what is ailing her so.”

Moses was sent for, and he came in, his shoes flopping awkwardly, being a size too large so as not to hurt his changing feet. The doctor and nurse respectfully left him alone. Gibbsen did not count: he stayed.

Moses began bluntly:

“I was Thakrut, you were Ugnaka; this time we are people. People!”

The woman looked at him with wide, tear-filled eyes.

“Thakrut? Do not see me. I am weak!” And again she filled her cage with a raging, hopeless cry. Moses attempted again when she had to catch her breath.

“I am Moses this time. And I will give you a name. I do not hate you, I love you, my mate.”

Her lip curled in a sneer of anger.

“You love me? You love me, and I am weak?”

“I love you, more this time than I love you that time.”

She turned or rolled towards him, raised herself on her hands, and paused a moment before saying clearly,

“Come, hold me, make me know what is you love me.”

Gibbsen’s hair stood out straight, and he gave a warning, “Chit-chit!” How could humans be so blind?

Moses stood so tall that he swayed, and the sweat ran to his chin. The foolish lock obeyed him, letting him through the outer door of the cage, and fastening again behind him.

As the inner door unlocked for him, and he stepped through, Gibbsen heard a banshee scream in the far-off map room.

To be continued.

#DailyCreatedOOM #WrittenOOM #AdolphusSearchAndRescue 2023/11/09

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