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A few days later there was a celebratory gathering at a restaurant: seven or so of Gareth’s closest friends from the station, and those to whom Enid had become quite dear in the past month.

They met at the restaurant Gellisa’s, whose entrance was the living jaws of a giant beast (whether of land or sea was not immediately apparent). The jaws could not close while the place was open, but had been trained to open wider when a guest entered. Gibbsen liked Gellisa’s – not because of the smells, or because of the rather sentimentally droning music, but because he liked to watch the articulated joints of the arthropods in the aquarium.

The gathering drank the health of the new family – some of them unfortunately with alcohol. Gareth drank water, and did not permit alcohol to Enid or Gibbsen – not that Gibbsen had any inclination to such an obvious toxin. It was yet another point in which the dullness of humans amazed him. Enid seemed curious, but to Gibbsen it appeared that she was curious mainly of why others took it, not because her senses failed to warn her against it.

Gareth spoke no more than usual, but fervently reciprocated many friendly embraces, and clasped friendly hands with his precise and expressive fingers. Enid primarily revelled in challenging any who would consent to a game of Nine Men’s Morris that was on the table: a little square of wood with holes for some light or dark pegs. She lost mostly, but was learning quite well.

When nearly everyone had gone, and Gibbsen was experimentally gnawing a few bones, Enid put the Nine Men’s Morris on the bench and went against Gibbsen until they were to leave. He had gotten someone to play with.

To be concluded.

#DailyCreatedOOM #WrittenOOM #AdolphuSearchAndRescue 2023/11/28