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“You’re standing straighter this morning, Number One,” Raleigh said.

“Yes, I am worse each day,” Number One replied, though of course not as if unhappy.

They had been curious days – Number One had known much of human life, as an intruder and predator; living it was new to her. As well, memories of her human victims as Uklag hovered behind everything: it took great coaxing and comforting for her to use certain closets, and she absolutely refused to look at or touch any broom.

She was now making her way with them to the breakfast table, dressed in an actual dress, bought for her by Gareth in a very strange outing with Nurse Kley. It was burgundy, with eastern floral print, at once rich and simple; even Gibbsen didn’t mind it.

Dr. Kilver joined them at the table; while Number One always appeared glad to see him, she behaved very nervously when he spoke. The mention of her brother clearly made her so uncomfortable that they had ceased to speak of him or his progress in her presence. It had been hard even in the large station to avoid hearing her brother’s uproar when he was in greater pain. For some days now though, it had been quiet.

With her meals she took the doctor’s prescribed broth to help build her up, which she thoroughly relished (Gibbsen would have liked it better if she had slipped it to him to finish for her). Certain prescribed herbs she made faces over, but laughed (Gibbsen would not have eaten such strong tasting things if she had offered anyway).

After the meal, Dr. Kilver wiped his dense moustache, and made eye contact with Number One. She immediately looked away, as if thinking.

“Number One,” the doctor said, “it is at last safe to give you some certain news: your brother is fully conscious, and he wishes to speak with his little sister.”

Her hand began to tremble, and she quickly hid it under the table – where Gibbsen could watch it trembling clearly. She still looked away as she replied,

“Is he sick?”

“Yes,” said the doctor, with a glimmer of subdued humour, “he is very sick.”

#DailyCreatedOOM #WrittenOOM #AdolphusSearchAndRescue 2023/11/02

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