OOM Compass Service on Simbi.com!

Let me point you to an OOM of your odd desire!


“OOM Compass” is a new service of mine on Simbi.com, a site for trading services and favours.

If you so wish, you may request to be pointed to an OOM that falls primarily into a certain one or more of the six arms of the OOMlich hex:

Surreal, Grotesque, Unpolished, Sexual, Symbolic, Textured.

For example: “I’d like an OOM heavy on the unpolished, and light on the surreal, please.”

It will be an OOM I have not yet shared as one of my daily OOMs:

I also have Pinterest boards for each of the arms of the OOMlich hex, if you would like to see what they are like. 🙂

(Note: due to the utterly undefined phrase in the Simbi terms’ legalese: “You agree not to post or provide any services of a sexually explicit … nature” I cannot provide any service that more than tentatively involves the mysterious and blessed things of the sexual arm of the OOMlich hex.)

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