2023/02/06 #DailyWrittenOOM

Garfield’s sun was high, out of the reach of horizon towers, the claw necklace fringing the great bowl where a jaundiced eagle sat as goblin’s sit: cross-legged, with the feet on top. Navy brown darts marked the half pillar of the many along the walls; might the stabbing icicles find a way through the catacombs? If hair is strewn on the way, the directory will give up without a wink the fold in Trayer Canada Fe.

Mackerel skies over Trayer today, they brought the frowning fish in a paper bag. Trowels and let the ankles free, they passed the rutted snow in the place where no colour such as white exists: went in the material breeze. The pan-tokenal gains entry to the fan of trains spread, the skirt of an accordion, the foot of the fifty-toed goose. Located there, they studied the aspect of phenomenon, the Garfield’s sun which had taken that day.

2023/02/06 #DailyWrittenOOM

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