2023/02/02 #DailyWrittenOOM

Chartered after the clean keel took the right angled horn, buttered off the round scale into the impervious sheet, sable and deep, dank with the giddy dew and velveted in filed zinc. Water whale, the growing field in summerstine, with prying goad pierced through with coniferous needles, softened by the furs of sea stars, we knew the frail gate when we saw it down.

Draped, the cold-galled heinous wright travelled well into the brown decay, and the dust that set the friends in shivered range; he knew the bold new-fangled welkin, and took flayed the broad dayside with a hatchet and rays.

While the keys rimmed the hollow juggler in the store window and its reflection, meteyards and skies were at it in the corner, raving the cobbles, the flesh, and the dry. I will not pass the winter way alone, at night, or in the eaves of the clustered feeds.

2023/02/02 #DailyWrittenOOM

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