Eleventh Monthly Post – Monstrous

I was hoping to finish one of my older projects (it is very close to done), but was inspired to improve one of my favorite games I have made:

I added two monsters to the throng you face, and some new sound effects. One monster is your own revenant bones, which you must fight with the rest of the monsters if you die.

The other monster is also you: a walking mirror which, in contrast with everything else, you must not destroy. It adds an entire layer to the skill required: trying to destroy one thing, and not another.

gif of a monster slaying game with a lantern, cleaver, and si, the number four in Chinese

My seven year old brother challenged me to make a game in two days, but it grew larger than I intended, and so I am not sure when it will appear, as I of course do not want to abandon other projects. But it’ll be great, really fun and unique.

Till soon, God be with you all!

— Patrick