VValkabout – 3D Environment in Twine – With Walkthrough


Basically this is a proof of concept for making 3D environments in Twine. I was seeing what I could do and how I could do it, and was quite pleased with the possibilities.

There are three controls: left, forward, and right (in some places some directions are not available). You can explore all the various places you can go, but if you explore too long the Hunter will catch you.

When I say “too long” this does not mean that if you go to get a cup of tea you will come back to find the game over. The “time” you spend increases by one when you move, and if you wait fifteen seconds before you move again it will add two more.

There is a way to win if you like. You have to “find” something before you can leave (by going back the way you came in).

If you do not have time for the video walkthrough, here is what you need to do:

  • Go under the big wheels at the start and look both left and right
  • Climb up on the thing under the table
  • Go up the stairs, turn to face the table, and manipulate the forward control (you will look down and back up)
  • Then return to the bottom of the stairs, and, instead of going up, turn to the right

Hidden feature: the amount of time you have spent is next to the “view”, and you can highlight it (I demonstrate this towards the end of the walkthrough).

There you are! Concept proved!