Of Our Maker

Of Our Maker

The Core Purpose of the OOM fellowship is to further the Strange things of our Maker.

The two Core Values are, accordingly, what is Strange, and what is of our Maker.


What do the Kalevala and Dr. Seuss have in common? Strangeness is good for its own sake, as a fundamental quality like beauty or order (strangeness and order are symbiotic).

The surreal, foreign, eerie, odd, outlandish, alien, eccentric, peculiar, curious, and preternatural, these are the things that we seek out and create.

Of Our Maker

As the attribute of strangeness is basic to the universe, it comes from the Maker of the universe, and this is why it should be appreciated for itself, as we endeavour to do.

When those who set themselves against the Maker call it “strange”, we must acknowledge that their strangeness is not their evil. Rather their evil is to set themselves against the Maker of strangeness, which is foolishness.

If you or someone you know is interested in or has similar purpose and focus, it would be good to have a chat or two.

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Here’s a book to read meanwhile.

Jorgan the Sphere

A Foreshadowed Way

A surreal journey, a dark fairy-tale.

Cover of "Jorgan the Sphere: A Foreshadowed Way".

Jorgan the sphere in his hunger follows a shadow into shadows, and seeks an end to his longing in lands full of cruel and indifferent creatures. He meets those who even in the darkest places work goodness, those that are strong, those that are weak, and those that are quite odd.

You can buy the ebook in mobi, epub, pdf, and other formats on Smashwords, or you can get it for becoming a Patron at tier two or above. Or you can get a copy if you tell me correctly what the Hebrew on the cover says!

The paperback is on Amazon (the preview quality is bad by the way).

Interactive Art

(Aka games.)

They’re free online games I made, turmeric scented.

My favourite is .

The most recent is A Pilfering Pucks Problem.

More recently I remade one of my favourite older games, I Spy Baby Dragons.

The largest is Auldhame.

The oldest (a text adventure) is Gri Leven.

The smallest is Thai Peanut Sauce.

The hardest ones (I allow you to cheat) are the two forest games, Out of the Forest, and Into the Forest.


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