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Quora: “Do you read the Old Testament?”
Yes, however I prefer not to call it the “Old Testament” but rather the “Hebrew Scriptures”.

I’ve attached a rough schematic – one can argue that 2Co 3 refers to the books of Moses as the “old testament”, however what the Old Testament is is just that: a testament, not a section of Scripture (and certainly not the Hebrew Scriptures taken as a section). Confusion on this has led to some of the worst heresies that exist.

Consider this warning:

“even as our beloved brother Paul according to the wisdom given unto him wrote to you, as one that in all his Epistles speaketh of these things: among the which, some things are hard to be understood, which they that are unlearned and unstable, wrest, as they do also other Scriptures unto their own destruction.” 2Pe 3

What learning and stability is the Apostle Peter referring to? Mathematics? General Science? No, he is clearly referring to understanding of the preceding Scriptures: the Hebrew Scriptures. Thus we are warned to have our foundation firmly seated in the Hebrew Scriptures before dealing presumptuously with Paul’s writings: there is a reason God gave us Moses and the Prophets first.

In brief, rejecting the Hebrew Scriptures to more easily twist the Greek Scriptures is like murdering the husband to more easily rape his wife.

#SabbathPosts 2023/08/12

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