DailyCreatedOOM #WrittenOOM 2023/05/21

Rail dark, shipping damp, sister of the moon in the filled pit of grimed nest.

Pallor tide, returned yarrow, oven mit on the flank of snorting catastrophes pulled along the strings.

Drifts on the sloped wedge clipped into long-limbed jungle and foreign creature forms: two on two for the ratty top that fell in two.

My long-limbed jungle and foreign daughter in and out the window, with a note in her pocket and a hair on her coat. Coils of the long tail pile warmly around, combed fur free of small creatures, and the suspicious lump in her hair.

Break on a flash of eyes, the ship pulls out of the wound, and long ago the coils of the hawser told the tale to withering ears, without mine again.

Dance of the flies over the surface of the grime, the throne and tangled crown for ivory images, dragged together for the lightless.

The blank period, cessation of travel, night.

#DailyCreatedOOM #WrittenOOM 2023/05/21

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