2023/04/30 #DailyCreatedOOM #WrittenOOM

Here’s an excerpt from a project:

For the Turnable’s High Academy, the word “High” was no doubt in jest, referencing its ability to hover hundreds of feet above the ground, and move from place to place like an airship. In every other sense (except perhaps raw power), it was universally considered the lowest academy.

In shape it was a step-pyramid of many levels, and some said it was originally a vimana stolen from eastern sorcerers. It circled cities like a shark, brooding over slums like a smog of stone and brass, vanishing whatever low-lifes that might not be greatly missed, to fuel its gladiatorial methods of instruction. Horrible things had been committed by its teachers. It would truly be a tremendous task to penetrate its secretive walls.

Every working day I create an OOM, to show some of my unapologetic fascination for the OOMlich. ofourmaker.com

2023/04/30 #DailyCreatedOOM #WrittenOOM

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