“OOM Bestiary” Service on Simbi.com!

Drawings of OOMlich beasts!


“OOM Bestiary” is a new service of mine on Simbi.com, a site for trading services and favours.

For six Simbi, I will draw a beast, OOMlich as described in the OOMlich hex:

Surreal, Grotesque, Unpolished, Sexual, Symbolic, Textured.

I will then publish the beast in the Public Domain, dedicated to you, including your name or alias as the patron if so desired, and send it to you.

These beasts fall primarily within the Surreal, Grotesque, and Textured arms of the OOMlich hex, and you may request a beast which is more heavy or light in one or two of these three. For example: “I’d like a beast heavy on the Grotesque,” or, “I’d like a beast heavy on the Surreal, and light on the Textured, please.”

Here’s Pinterest boards for these three arms of the OOMlich hex:

As a default drawings will be done with black ballpoint pen on white printer paper.


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