2023/01/15 #DailyWrittenOOM

A gravelly voice admitted that the day was cool in the sun, while the voice of piping sparrows rode the salt in the air between the sharp and polished leaves. Pages turned in the portico, where the windows looked in and out with listless abandon, polished as the leaves that crowned the patch of clear air around the structure.

Where the crows found Jane, there were left some scraps of bold leather, and a shaggy ruff of troglodyte pageantry. Two coins were keen eyes to find these and other things, looking this way and that, flashing as they turned, flat opaque spectacles. The hands that made the clippers clip through the polished leaves felt the hard handles, and the sun that burnt through the cool when the day was above the trees.

This very pitcher was poured out on the ground there, where they brought Jane that day, and the other day when the trees’ ropy roots found her. A snappish hagfish dropped from the stream brought a sack lunch which I and you forgot. This lunch is in a solid basket, and has a clock-coloured bow; let us not forget it, next time we come.

2023/01/15 #DailyWrittenOOM

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