So Glory Springs

So Glory Springs

This is the sound that brings to a halt
My wandering mind, and sends a calm
To put to sleep the wild, crying night.

Haunting heat vanishes in a sigh.

Yawning breaches close, and the floods dry.

Strident alarms break to dim pieces.

Feeling returns: my soul can face grief.

Designs of perversion are unframed,
Every shade returns where it came:
Destroyed by this sound are flames untamed.

When violent clamour lays peace low
It splits the thundering cumuli
And quenches the searing ejecta,
Casting beneath a veil the pyrrhic
War cries, that the seed of life may grow.

Small is the humble sound as it rings,
Yet tears the tangled rage easily,
For smallest roots raise the highest leaf:
Smallest flames burn the highest fortress.

Anthems mount from an unseen idea,
Every thunder from a mist has come,
And in quiet springs begins the sea.

Ground a rock for a foundation strong
Before the wall can thicken and climb;
Before Glory’s voice can shake the tomb
Glory is the sound of a child’s song.

 – Patrick Lauser

This was from a challenge in which the first and last letter of every line must be the same.

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