Coming and Going in Beta – Monthly Post

Monthly Post!

I have been starting to try improvements on the site (which clearly needs them). Any advice or information from my kind friends would be greatly appreciated! I am also making progress on some Twine adventures that will be going out of and coming into the beta testing phase.

Going out of Beta

The current beta project, I Spy Baby Dragons, will hopefully very soon leave the beta stage. It is a point-and-click adventure in which you must find objects, culminating in the finding of the Baby Dragon. Clickable areas may be things to find, or may take you places, or may block a sword attack (or broom attack, as the case may be). You can look in your hat to see what you have so far.

If you would like to beta test the most recent version, the link is below. Let me know if something seems broken or incomplete, or if it is boringly easy or boringly difficult!

I Spy Baby Dragons

Wah! Where is my picture? It was a nice one...

Coming into Beta

There is also a twin pair of adventures, involving the memorization of bywords or “songlets” to fend off evil things on the way through a dark forest. If you get even a punctuation mark wrong and try to go past the monster, you will have only seconds to get back to where you learn your words.

One game is called Into the Forest, in which you must recover a stolen treasure from the depths of the forest. One of the enemies you face is shown below.

Into the Forest

The second one is called Out of the Forest, in which you have been rescued from an evil kidnapper by a frog, and must now make your way back home. One of the places you must get through is shown below.

Out of the Forest


That is all I can think of at the moment; have a good month! Till next time, God be with you all!

– Patrick