DailyCreatedOOM #WrittenOOM #AdolphusSearchAndRescue 2023/10/04

Gibbsen crunched his “Tough Krunchies” thoughtfully. On slow days like this he sometimes began to wonder if the humans’ food had taste sometimes. He had tasted taste once, and it was mildly interesting, though extravagant. If human food had taste all the time, he would probably feel less respect for them.

An especially loud banshee scream from their metal boxes made him jerk and swallow a prickly piece of Krunchie whole. These weren’t real banshees that Adolphus Search and Rescue kept – real banshees were girls, these were fat worm things that looked like tree bark porridge and lived in narrow shoe box-sized lockers mounted in rows on the wall. They were called “banshees” because they screamed when death was near somebody.

A map of the regions monitored by the Adolphus team was portrayed on a sheet of glass: behind this a small red light turned on, crawled to a certain spot, and sat down. Gibbsen scratched between his ears with the tip of his tail (which was covered in rough scales – the rest of him was covered in long, stiff, grey fur). He didn’t remember seeing the red spot settle in that area (far south of Griddleton) any time in recent years.

Who could have gotten out there, and only now be in danger?

To be continued.

#DailyCreatedOOM #WrittenOOM #AdolphusSearchAndRescue 2023/10/04

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