Creative Manipulation

What would you do if asked to write a story that included the following list of words:

baseball, basketball, birthday, butterfly, stopwatch, fireman, postcard, tennis shoe, home run, sweatshirt, french fries

My brother tasked himself with writing something epic, and here is what he got:

The baseball stopped in mid-air, as did the basketball in the gym across town. I looked down at my stopwatch, expecting it to have stopped, yet it ran on in my hand. I looked up as the sky was hastily overcast with interlacing string like black clouds, until the sky was utterly darkened, and the smoke like clouds moved on through each other like a sea of soft, black worms. A postcard from Wisconsin hung suspended in the air where it had been tumbling along down the sidewalk. I had hoped that the fireman’s son would have made a home run, but I was not so sure of anything anymore. It was birthday on the 25th of October, of that I was sure. I was also sure of the fact that I had had french fries with my lunch, and that they were exceedingly nasty.

I began to feel very cold through my sweatshirt, it even seemed to soak up from the ground through my tennis shoes. I now noticed to my surprise that the light had not changed, though the sky had become black with the worm like clouds. But now, it changed. All of the dark gray of the shadows had become a shimmering, pale blue. Then there came fluttering down as if it had come from the clouds a solitary butterfly, pure white except for its small, sapphire blue eyes. The evil radiating from that seemingly insignificant creature was as though an ancient and dark entity had manifested itself in this hardly deceptive way. It fluttered about, then it alighted in the center of the field, and as soon as it touched the ground it consumed all light.

(The photo manipulation is also by Nathaniel.)

Demonic white butterfly against black clouds.
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